Marriage is not a bed of roses at all times. Status quo sets in. Life begins to fall back into place and even get out of hand shortly after the wedding planning , the wedding ceremony, and the honeymoon. It’s the train-wreck schedules that can take our focus off of priorities in marriage. Unfortunately, intimacy is typically the first to get put on hold. Once inactivity in the bedroom is introduced, stress begins to mount. Adversity comes, intimacy is moved from the back burner to the fridge, and temptation locks in its target.

“Begin to build a deep love when you’re newlyweds, after the wedding ceremony and maintain it through your in-between years. Rely on it through your dark season, and draw from it when you’ve reached the pinnacle of its perfection.”
— Joyce Oglesby

This should be your goal. There is no greater priority for a couple than to preserve the intimacy of their marriage. Sex should be pleasurable and fulfilling at many levels. It takes much communication and lots of work. It demands creativity for flavor. Seasoned love is what keeps your spouse hungry for more of you. Spicy bedroom manner, however, is not nearly as crucial as your regimen of sexual connection. Your marital bed requires regular maintenance. It will also take discipline and a mindset regarding commitment.

“No one falls in love by choice, it is by chance. No one stays in love by chance, it is by work. And no one falls out of love by chance, it is by choice.”
— Author unknown

Marriages compete with tremendous obstacles and maintaining a passionate love has become more urgent than ever before. Losing focus of this vital responsibility has many women and men facing the maladies of matrimony after six months after the wedding ceremony or sixty years of marriage. Don’t let this happen to you. Preserve your marriage and protect it from the distractions of outside physical, emotional or other avenues of release. My books are filled with pragmatic and attainable resources to help you “foolproof” your marriage against infidelity and/or staleness in the bedroom. Get a jump start on preserving your marriage before the wedding ceremony for a lifetime of love and romance. Zero in on my principles for safeguarding your marriage. None of us are immune to the hazards of love.

“When you are in any context, you should work as if there were — to the very last minute — a chance to lose it.”
— Dwight D. Eisenhower

Commitment is a daily decision that you’ll make. You wake up every day deciding to be committed to your new spouse. It’s a conscious decision and a necessary decision. It’s the protection your marriage needs as you go out into the world after the wedding ceremony. When commitment has been decided on a daily basis, it narrows the options of how you’ll handle situations. There’s no turn-tail running or walking away from those you’ve promised to love for a lifetime.

Your daily commitment to each other will energize your desire to meet the others needs — physically, emotionally and sexually. So, make your sexual equation complete with one another. Be committed, have a great attitude, acquire the look, prepare the bed, play with one another, perform for one another, praise and protect one another.

Joyce Oglesby is a motivational speaker and author of Keeping His Pants On…Until He Gets Home, and Turning Her On and Keeping Her Heart, books of marital and relationship wisdom to help you understand the psyche of your mate. Visit her website at

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